Table 3.

Risk Behaviors That Potentially Support Need for Civil Commitment

Risk BehaviorsResponseDid Not Respond
Danger to self
 Attempting suicide6.60 ± 0.893
 Overdosing on drugs (e.g., losing consciousness or collapsing)6.37 ± 1.033
 Using fentanyl or fentanyl analog5.90 ± 1.403
 Mixing different kinds of drugs5.53 ± 1.313
 Thinking about suicide without a specific plan5.30 ± 1.153
 Coming close to being struck by a vehicle while walking or biking5.07 ± 1.414
 Using higher amounts of drugs than before4.50 ± 1.533
Danger to others
 Physically hurting another person in any way on purpose6.27 ± 1.083
 Using a weapon like a stick, knife, or gun in a fight6.17 ± 1.233
 Driving or using heavy machinery while drunk or high6.17 ± 1.123
 Starting a fire on purpose5.97 ± 1.883
 Having trouble caring for one's child because of drug or alcohol use5.77 ± 1.313
 Threatening to physically harm someone5.60 ± 1.073
 Pressuring someone to engage in sexual activity against their will5.27 ± 1.843
 Stealing from someone directly, like mugging or snatching a purse or wallet4.30 ± 1.693
 Breaking into someone else's house, building, or car4.17 ± 1.643
 Having a driver's license suspended or revoked for moving violations4.00 ± 2.243
 Thinking about hurting someone else without acting on it3.97 ± 1.353
 Damaging someone else's property3.59 ± 1.184
Inability to care for/protect self
 Starting a fire accidentally (e.g., leaving a burning cigarette unattended)5.73 ± 1.443
 Being pressured by someone to engage in sexual activity against one’s will5.62 ± 1.644
 Not keeping up with necessary medical treatment5.33 ± 1.213
 Being physically hurt by another person in any way4.97 ± 1.673
 Sharing needles with others4.83 ± 1.553
 Not keeping up with necessary mental health treatment4.83 ± 1.284
 Being malnourished4.23 ± 1.573
 Being threatened by someone to do something one didn't want3.61 ± 1.645
 Having a loved one express general worry about one's safety2.90 ± 1.793
 Neglecting personal hygiene (e.g., bathing, brushing teeth, clean clothes)2.70 ± 1.713
 Having trouble keeping one's home/apartment clean2.27 ± 1.483
 Hurting or being cruel to an animal or pet on purpose5.20 ± 1.963
 Having sex to get money, drugs, clothes, food, transport, a place to stay, or other things4.67 ± 1.543
 Being threatened or losing legal custody of one's child4.57 ± 1.873
 Experiencing a major loss (e.g., job, housing, close relationship)3.43 ± 1.723
 Witnessing someone else overdose on drugs3.30 ± 1.513
 Engaging in minor criminal behavior (e.g., shoplifting, vandalism, trespassing)3.10 (1.58)3
  • Data are presented as mean ± SD or n. n = 33 respondents.