Table 4.

Opinions Regarding Civil Commitmenta

Civil commitment is an appropriate intervention for managing substance use and its associated risks.16.7 (5)6.7 (2)76.7 (23)
I would favor legislation that allowed certain health care workers to hospitalize patients involuntarily for short periods (e.g., up to 72 h) when substance use poses an imminent risk.20.0 (6)10.0 (3)70.0 (21)
Civil commitment hearings provide an efficient means of intervening to address the safety risks associated with substance use.16.7 (5)16.7 (5)66.7 (20)
Civil commitment for substance use does more harm than good.73.3 (22)20.0 (6)6.7 (2)
I feel confident in my ability to determine when there is “a likelihood of serious harm” in the context of civil commitment evaluations for substance use.3.3 (1)3.3 (1)93.3 (28)
I would like more training on what criteria are needed to justify civil commitment for substance use.26.7 (8)20.0 (6)53.3 (16)
  • Data are presented as percentage (n). n = 30 respondents.

  • a Not answered by 3 respondents.