Table 3

Responses to Survey Questions

Decision to terminate mother’s parental rights
 Parental rights should not be terminated196 (65.3)
 Parental rights should be terminated.104 (34.7)
Should child be returned to her mother's home?
 She should be returned to her mother's home at this time60 (30.8)
 She should not be returned to her mother's home at this time135 (69.2)
Likelihood the child has a psychiatric disorder
 Unlikely100 (41.2)
 Likely143 (58.9)
Causal attribution for the child’s psychiatric condition:
 The way the person was raised
  Unlikely78 (26.1)
  Likely221 (73.9)
 Stressful circumstances in the person’s life
  Unlikely22 (7.3)
  Likely278 (92.7)
 A chemical imbalance in the brain
  Unlikely120 (40.1)
  Likely179 (59.9)
 A genetic or inherited problem
  Unlikely105 (35.4)
  Likely192 (64.7)
 The person’s own bad character
  Unlikely213 (71.5)
  Likely85 (28.5)
Interventions child should undergo:
 Go to a general medical doctor
  No165 (55.4)
  Yes133 (44.6)
 Go to a psychiatrist
  No141 (47.3)
  Yes157 (52.7)
 Go to a therapist or counselor
  No54 (18.1)
  Yes245 (81.9)
 Be evaluated for prescription medication
  No182 (60.9)
  Yes117 (39.1)
 Be evaluated for admission to a mental hospital
  No271 (91.6)
  Yes25 (8.5)
Mental health treatment will improve situation
 Unlikely57 (19.1)
 Likely242 (80.9)
  • Data are presented as n (%). N = 300 subjects.