Table 2

California’s Screening Criteria for Clinical Input into the Disciplinary Process

The inmate is housed in an inpatient psychiatric unit.
The inmate is receiving intensive outpatient treatment.
The inmate is receiving routine outpatient treatment and has been charged with misconduct that may result in a segregation term and credit forfeiture (loss of “good time”).
The inmate has been identified as having a developmental or cognitive disability.
The inmate engaged in indecent exposure or masturbation while clothed.
The inmate displayed behavior that was bizarre or unusual for any inmate or uncharacteristic for the particular inmate at the time of the offense.
  • An inmate who meets any of these criteria requires a mental health assessment prior to the disciplinary hearing. The criteria are adapted from California’s Code of Regulations, Title 15, Division 3, § 3317(b).32