Table 1

Domains and Constituent Items of BEAT

HistoricalPast elopement; Deceitfulness; Past substance use; Past impulsiveness
ClinicalFollows rules; Psychosis influencing risk; Apathy/hopelessness; Substance use urges; Medication nonadherence; Plan to leave; Recent destabilization
PsychosocialHospital stressors; External stressors; Legal stressors
AdministrativeHigh-violent index; External contacts; Acute risk to others; Substance use; Extended leave; Media attention; Suicide/harm to patient; Exploitation of patient; Antisociality/criminality
ProtectiveHospital ties; Insight for consequences; Physical impairment; Psychological impairment; Other protective
Clinical Judgement/Case FormulationOverall risk; Individual factors/likely scenario; Scoring bias and confidence; Risk management plan
  • BEAT = Booth Evaluation of Absconding Tool