Table 1

Rethinking Competency to Stand Trial: The Just & Well Strategies

Strategy 1Convene diverse stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of the current CST process
Strategy 2Examine system data and information to pinpoint areas for improvement
Strategy 3Provide training for professionals working at the intersection of criminal justice and behavioral health
Strategy 4Create and fund a robust system of community-based care and supports that is accessible for all before, during, and after criminal justice contact
Strategy 5Expand opportunities for diversion to treatment at all points in the criminal justice system, including after competency has been raised
Strategy 6Limit the use of the CST process to cases that are inappropriate for dismissal or diversion
Strategy 7Promote responsibility and accountability across systems
Strategy 8Improve efficiency at each step of the CST process
Strategy 9Conduct evaluations and restoration in the community, when possible
Strategy 10Provide high-quality and equitable evaluations and restoration services, and ensure continuity of clinical care before, during, and after restoration and upon release