Table 1

Definitions of Concepts Related to Psychological Sequelae of Trauma Exposure

ConceptDefinitionSpecificity to TraumaSpecificity to Professionals
Burnout8Emotional exhaustion in a professional resulting from differences between expectations/aspirations for interpersonal work and the depleting conditions of workplace realityNoYes
Vicarious trauma16Natural response to highly demanding professional work with trauma material; can lead to long term changes in examiner attitudes and beliefsYesYes
Compassion fatigue14Overwhelming feelings of suffering, sorrow, or sympathy arising from desire to reduce suffering of othersNoYes
Secondary traumatic stress10Natural behaviors and emotions resulting from knowledge of a traumatizing event, associated with wanting to help a victimYesYes
Posttraumatic stress disorder17Clinical syndrome of discrete symptoms (intrusive phenomena; avoidance; mood, cognitive, and arousal abnormalities) following exposure to a serious traumatic eventYesNo