Table 1

Domains, Categories, and Frequencies of Participants’ Attitudes

Domain and CategoryNo. of Participants
General preferences for affidavits
 Format affidavits for easy readability9
 Provide evidence to support conclusions9
 Include malingering assessment8
 Avoid advocacy and legal language8
 Detail evaluator qualifications7
 Provide therapeutic recommendations5
 Describe interview conditions4
Roles of affidavits
 Provide evidence8
 Explain manifestations of trauma8
 Exist in unfair legal system7
 Streamline court proceedings5
Appraisal of sample affidavits
 Viewed both affidavits positively9
 Rated in-person affidavit as stronger8
Attitudes toward telephonic evaluations
 Concern about limitations of modality9
 Better than no evaluation9
 Unfamiliar with modality6
 Judge’s background informs attitudes6
Recommendations for telephonic evaluations
 Disclose modality and explain rationale9
 Describe strategies to overcome limitations8