Table 1

Glossary of Terms

TermDefinitionAssociated Terms
Alphamale figure who is perceived as confident and attractive, considered superior to a “beta. Chads are considered to be AlphasBeta
Beckya female who is secondary to Stacys with regards to looks and social status, considered to be more attainableStacy
Betaan average male who is subordinate to Alphas in terms of access to sexual intimacy, considered to be inferior within societal hierarchyAlpha
Black pillthe more nihilistic perspective of red-pilling, black-pilled incels believe societal structure will never change and that there is no hope of them achieving sexual or romantic intimacy, regardless of personal improvement through increased exercise or plastic surgeryLDAR
Blue pillremaining ignorant to the truth according to the incel worldview, i.e. the opposite of red-pillingCope
Chadconsidered the prototype of an attractive male, usually white. Different terminology used for “Chads” in other ethnic groups“Tyrone” in the Black community
“Chang” in the Asian community
-celsuffix denoting involuntary celibate, with added prefix denoting condition leading to celibacy“Currycel” to refer to Indian male
“Ricecel” to refer to Asian male
Copea coping mechanism, may refer to rejecting unpleasant truth in favor of a kinder one, may also be used to refer to strategies for self-improvement; e.g., using plastic surgery to improve physical appearance may be referred to as a “cope”
Fakecelperson claiming to be an incel who does not meet the criteria; i.e., is not a virgin or has been in a relationship
Foida term used to describe women as a group; a shortening of female-humanoid. Implies that women are not fully human.
Gymmaxxattempting to improve physical characteristics through exercisingLooksmaxx
LDARacronym for Lie Down and Rot; considered to be one of the only options available to incels who are “blackpilled”Roping
Black pill
Lookismdiscrimination based on physical appearance
Looksmaxxattempting to improve physical characteristics, often through plastic surgery such as facial implantsGymmaxx
-maxxingattempting to improve an aspect of oneself with the goal of obtaining sexual intimacyLooksmaxx
Red pill
-moggingbeing dominated by another person
NEETacronym for Not in Education, Employment, or Training; replaced previous terminology of “status zero”. Derogatory term
Normiean average person with regard to looks and personality; on a continuum, is considered to be between a Chad and an incel with regards to sexual desirability, social status, and physical appearance
-pillDerived from the Matrix movies and refers to a spectrum of philosophies or world views. Used in many alt-right communities with specific definitions as applied to the incel communityRed pill
blue pill
Black pill
Red pillgenerally refers to any kind of political awakening. Within the incel community, it refers to becoming aware of the existence of a sexual hierarchy in which most men are not considered desirable by societal standards. Red-pillers believe that they can improve their looks and become part of the community of men who do obtain sexual satisfaction by using exercise and plastic surgery to become similar to ChadsChad
Ropinga term referring to suicide within the incel communityLDAR
Black pill
Suifuelshort for “suicide fuel”, used to refer to something contributing to depression or suicidality
Stacyfemale equivalent to Chad. Prototypically attractive female, most often white and blonde. Considered to have elevated social statusChad
Volcelvoluntary celibate
  • Note. Adapted from References 1 and 67.