Table 4

Logistic Regression Results Examining How Substance Abuse, White Race, and Education Affect the Relationship Between Unipolar Depression and Defendant Status (the Dependant Variable)

VariableBetapOR*95% CI
Unipolar depression1.157.0093.181.33–7.61
Unipolar depression1.–7.94
White race1.466.0014.331.89–9.92
Unipolar depression1.060.0432.891.03–8.07
Unipolar depression1.03.0522.79.991–7.86
Substance abuse−–.494
Unipolar depression0.926.1572.52.699–9.111
Substance abuse−–.915
Dummy variable, white1.453.0084.271.456–12.556
Log of education years6.985.01110804.9–234,175
  • * Adjusted odds ratio (odds ratio for being a case).