Table 1

The OR for Specific Symptoms During Adulthood Following Child Sexual Abuse

StudyStudy CharacteristicsSymptomPrevalence After CSAPrevalence Without CSAOdds Ratio (95% CI)
Fergusson et al.10Case‐control study with covariates noted prospectively. At age 18,interviewed regarding CSA and symptoms.Depression35.5%17.1%3.0 (1.4–6.1)
Anxiety32.0%14.5%3.0 (1.5–6.1)
Alcohol abuse39.2%17.9%3.2 (1.6–6.5)
Widom8Cohort study with CSA and control group identified in childhood. Interviewed regarding symptoms 20 years later.Lifetime PTSD37.5%20.4%2.34 (1.5–3.7)
Dube et al.9 (ACE Study)Case‐control study with CSA and other adverse childhood experiences identified retrospectively.Lifetime suicide attempt9.1%2.4%3.4 (2.9–4.0)