Table 2

Asperger's Disorder Diagnostic Configuration as a Function of Three Diagnostic Systems

Diagnostic System
Social impairment+++
    Nonverbal communication deficits+++
    Failure to develop peer relationships+++
    Lack of social sharing+++
    Lack of social/emotional reciprocity+++
    Poor empathy+++
Restricted/repetitive patterns+++
    Pervasive preoccupation with stereotyped and restricted patterns of interest of abnormal intensity and focus+++
    Apparently inflexible adherence to specific, nonfunctional routines or rituals (all absorbing interest)+++
Stereotyped/repetitive motor mannerisms+++
    Persistent preoccupation with parts/objects+
    Social/occupational/other dysfunctions+++
Language/communication criteria+++
    Language communication deficits may be present+
    Language delays may be present+
    Poor prosody and pragmatics+
    Idiosyncratic language+
    Impoverished imaginative play+
Motor clumsiness+
No cognitive delays++
Absence of other pervasive developmental disorders++
Absence of schizophrenia++
  • a, Gillberg and Gillberg3; b, ICD-104; c, DSM-IV-TR2; +, diagnostic criterion is present in this diagnostic system; −, diagnostic criterion is not present in this diagnostic system.