Table 4

Specific Charges Faced by Offenders

Charge*Number (n = 99)% of Offenders
Armed robbery22.0
Aggravated assault3232.3
Discharging or pointing a firearm1313.1
Possession of a firearm/concealed weapon44.0
Solicitation to commit murder or accessory before the fact22.0
Lewd act on a minor88.1
Criminal sexual conduct99.1
Indecent exposure11.0
Harassment or illegal use of phone/threatening66.1
Arson, primary or secondary77.1
Driving under the influence44.0
Driving under suspension or without a license22.0
Grand larceny or shoplifting44.0
Fraud (check and wire)22.0
Drugs (possession or distribution)33.0
Resisting arrest22.0
Disorderly conduct22.0
Contributing to the delinquency of a minor11.0
  • * Coexisting charges faced by alleged offenders.