Table 3

Descriptive Statistics Regarding Rankings of Factors That Prompt Child Custody Evaluations

FactorMean RankingRangen
Sexual abuse allegations2.96 (2.37)1–1054
Physical abuse or neglect allegations2.98 (1.74)1–954
Parental fitness (mental illness/alcoholism/instability)3.12 (1.67)1–755
Parental conflict/lack of compliance with court orders4.41 (2.07)1–1153
Clear bias of the child/alienation issues4.53 (2.27)1–1052
Domestic violence5.12 (1.90)2–1054
Unclear child preference7.74 (2.43)1–1150
Parental relocation7.90 (2.11)1–1150
Parental remarriage issues8.26 (1.71)2–1150
Parental sexual orientation8.42 (2.87)1–1149
Grandparent or adoption issues9.38 (1.75)5–1150
  • Data in parentheses are standard deviations.