Table 2

Attorney Evaluation Process Expectations and Perceived Utility

Item% Endorsing Truen
I expect the following from the evaluation:
    Review of pertinent medical/psychological records10054
    Interview of the parent(s)10056
    Interview of the child(ren)10056
    Interview of significant others (e.g., stepparents)9856
    Assessment of the parent-child relationship (e.g., interaction observation)9856
    Provision of a written report9856
    Parenting skills assessment9656
    Psychological testing of the parent(s) (e.g., personality testing)9154
    Psychological testing of the child(ren)8953
    Participation in deposition or court testimony8956
    Substance abuse assessment8856
    Assessment of child's parental preference8455
    Review of pertinent legal documents6954
    Provision of a verbal summary6856
    Drug screening6554
    Psychological testing of significant others6552
I expect the following from the evaluation report:
    Description of the quality of the parent-child relationship10056
    Description of the psychological/psychiatric functioning of the parent(s)9855
    Description of the psychological/psychiatric functioning of the child(ren)9654
    Determination of whether abuse has occurred9155
    Clear unequivocal recommendation as to the custody/visitation7556
I find the following parts of the report helpful:
    Conclusions/summary (e.g., diagnoses)10059
    Recommendations regarding custody/visitation9556
    Recommendations regarding psychological/psychiatric treatment9557
    Background information regarding the parent(s) and/or child(ren)9158
    Qualitative (i.e., verbal) findings of psychological testing9158
    Specific recommendations regarding visitation schedule8455
    Quantitative (i.e., numerical) findings of psychological testing7957
    Background information regarding the separation/divorce and custody/visitation dispute7756
The evaluation plays a large role in my determination to proceed to trial or negotiate a settlement8956
I generally use the report to negotiate a settlement8154
I generally use the report to proceed to trial6253