Table 1

1952 California Legislative Subcommittee Report: Cases of 40 Castrated Sex Offenders Who Did Not Reoffend Sexually

CasePrior Criminal HistoryInstant Sexual OffenseAgeCastration YearProbation YearFollow‐up Years*
1NoneFondled 9‐year‐old girl57March 1937July 194613 years
2IntoxicationFondled/oral copulation with 6‐year‐old boy33February 1940June 194410 years 1 month
3NoneRaped 2 girls ages 11 and 1660June 1944Active status5 years 9 months
4Burglary; lewd/lascivious
 behaviorRaped disabled adult female30September 1941Active status8 years 6 months
5NoneMasturbated 13‐year‐old boy and other boys32January 1938July 193912 years 2 months
6NoneMasturbated 12‐ and 13‐year‐old boys26May 1941February 19428 years 10 months
7NoneAttempted intercourse with daughter age 9;
 nonsanctioned sex acts with older
 daughter48December 1944January 19495 years 3 months
8IntoxicationExhibited self/fondled penis of 8‐year‐old
 boy61November 1941Active status8 years 4 months
9Annoy/molest a child;
 attempted rapeFondled 14‐year‐old female25January 1940August 194310 years 2 months
10NoneDigital penetration and placing penis
 between legs of 12‐year‐old girl41November 1939July 1944; died4 years 8 months
11Burglary; voyeurism;
 prowlingFondled private parts of 13‐year‐old girl
 after cutting her clothes off;
 nonsanctioned fondling of other girls and
 women51July 1941July 19468 years 8 months
12NoneLewd/lascivious acts with 9‐year‐old boy29October 1941February 19498 years 5 months
13NoneSodomy of 18‐year‐old male; nonsanctioned
 sodomy of 16‐year‐old boy51January 1940November 194810 years 2 months
14NoneOral copulation with 15‐year‐old boy; made
 sexual advances to other boys34December 1941December 19478 years 3 months
15NoneIntercourse (numerous times) with 12‐year‐
 old daughter38February 1947Active status3 years 1 month
16NoneOral copulation (10–15 times) with 14‐year‐
 old boy59June 1947Active status2 years 9 months
17NoneFondled private parts of 9‐year‐old girl54September 1945May 19464 years 6 months
18NoneOral copulation with 14‐year‐old boy58May 1939May 194410 years 10 months
19NoneOral copulation with 14‐year‐old boy;
 nonsanctioned oral copulation with 14‐
 year‐old boy66October 1940March 19499 years 5 months
20Lewd/lascivious behaviorMasturbation of 2 boys ages 11 and 13;
 nonsanctioned oral copulation/sexual
 deviance52February 1948Active status2 years 1 month
21NoneFondled private parts/rubbed penis between
 legs of 8‐year‐old girl61March 1948Active status2 years
22Robbery/assaultPlaced penis between legs and fondled
 penis of 13‐year‐old boy25July 1947Active status2 years 8 months
23Tampering with electric
 linesPlaced penis between thighs of 13‐year‐old
 boy49October 1947Active status2 years 5 months
24Exhibitionism (to child
 victims)Exposed self to 9‐year‐old girl; tried to get
 her to fondle penis; lewd suggestions to
 other girls of similar age55June 1944June 19485 years 9 months
25LarcenyPlaced penis between legs of 7‐year‐old girl
 and ejaculated48February 1939February 194411 years 1 month
26Indecent exposure;
 disorderly conduct;
 lewd/dissoluteRubbed his hands on 4‐year‐old girl's
 vagina; kissed her vagina44June 1948Active status1 year 9 months
27Lewd/lascivious acts;
 behaviorFondled, orally copulated with, and
 sodomized 13‐year‐old boy52May 1948Active status1 year 10 months
28NoneFondled penis of 13‐year‐old boy; non‐
 sanctioned fondling of 13‐year‐old boy38January 1950Active status2 months
29NoneAttempted sodomy, fondling, and oral
 copulation with 14‐year‐old boy36February 1941Active status9 years 1 month
30DebaucheryPlaced penis against buttocks of 12‐year‐old
 boy; alleged to have sodomized boy55November 1939Active status10 years 4 months
31Lewd/lascivious behaviorOral copulation with 8‐year‐old boy; placed
 penis between boy's legs24July 1941July 19418 years 8 months
32NonePlaced penis on 13‐year‐old daughter's
 vagina; incest with older daughter38October 1938October 193911 years 5 months
33Lewd and indecent acts;
 delinquency of minorFondled penis of 14‐year‐old boy54April 1938April 194011 years 11 months
34NoneHad 10‐year‐old girl fondle his penis;
 nonsanctioned act of 8‐year‐old girl
 fondling his penis46February 1946January 19504 years 1 month
35NoneFondled private parts of 11‐year‐old girl;
 nonsanctioned same acts with minor girls72November 1939October 194410 years 4 months
36SodomyOral copulation with 10‐year‐old boy; oral
 copulation with 16‐year‐old boy41September 1943None; released after operation6 years 6 months
37NoneHad 11‐year‐old boy perform oral
 copulation on him several times48December 1943Active status6 years 3 months
38NoneHad 5‐year‐old girl fondle his penis; placed
 penis in mouth of 7‐year‐old boy;
 exhibited self to 8‐year‐old daughter42October 1948Active status1 year 5 months
39NoneFondled daughters ages 10 and 15;
 attempted digital penetration; sexual
 intercourse with 15‐year‐old daughter41April 1948Active status1 year 11 months
40NoneDigital penetration/rubbing penis between
 legs of 6‐year‐old girl; same with girls
 ages 5 and 7 years34February 1939March 194211 years 1 month
  • * Follow‐up period from date of orchiectomy to preliminary report date of March 1950