Table 1

Demographic Characteristics of the Offenders

VariableGenderTotal (N = 320)p
Female (n = 56)Male (n = 264)
Age, mean years (SD)31.1 (8.5)31.1 (9.7)31.1 (9.5).954*
    African American26.815.217.2
    Less than high school16.122.421.3
    High school or GED53.659.958.8
    More than high school30.417.820.0
Marital Status.030
Current suicide risk37.528.029.7.159
Type of current offense.004
    Drug manufacturing/delivery35.731.832.3
    OWI/driving while barred7.113.612.4
    Parole violation19.69.110.9
    Possession of firearm3.61.51.9
  • Data, except for age, are percentages.

  • * Two-sample t test.

  • Pearson's χ2 test.

  • Fisher's exact test.