Table 2

Situational Variables

n%Wt %
Number of victims: n = 130; weighted mean = 1.28; SD = 0.85; range = 1–7
Victim gender
    Same gender as offender
Victim's ethnicity
    Asian/Pacific Islander321
    American Indian111
Same ethnicity as offender
Relationship to offender
    Familial (nonspouse)372927
    Acquaintance or friend362826
Day of murder
Method of murder*
    Knife or other sharp instrument272120
    Strangulation or suffocation1299
    Bludgeon with object or fists131010
Location of murder
    Victim's residence433327
    Victim and offenders' shared residence262023
    Public area (e.g. street, park)231718
    Other residence or victim's vehicle221717
    Place of business11910
Alcohol use prior to murder
        Alcohol impairment
Drug use prior to murder
        Drug impairment
  • * More than one weapon possible.

  • Offender-level data (n = 95).