Table 2

Lifetime MINI-Plus Disorders in the Offenders

DisorderGenderAdj. OR (95% CI)p
Women (n = 56)Men (n = 264)
Mood disorders
    Major depression26.822.71.4 (0.7–2.8).515
    Dysthymia3.63.01.2 (0.2–5.7)*.689
    Mania/hypomania46.445.11.2 (0.7–2.3).527
    Other14.37.22.1 (0.9–5.2)*.108
    Any60.753.01.7 (0.9–3.1).296
Panic7.18.30.8 (0.3–2.6)*1.000
Agoraphobia17.924.20.6 (0.3–1.4).271
Substance use disorders
    Alcohol55.377.70.4 (0.2–0.8).005
    Drug75.076.91.1 (0.6–2.3).762
    Any82.191.30.5 (0.2–1.2).113
Psychotic disorders
    Schizophrenia/NOS7.18.70.8 (0.3–2.4)*1.000
    Substance use related26.826.91.4 (0.7–2.7).384
    Any33.935.21.3 (0.7–2.4).498
Somatization disorder1.80.0NA.175
ASPD26.837.10.6 (0.3–1.2).144
ADHD14.323.10.7 (0.3–1.6).356
Any MINI-Plus lifetime disorder92.994.30.8 (0.3–2.5)*.754
  • Adj. OR, gender odds ratio adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, ASPD; p, gender multiple logistic regression coefficient.

  • * Unadjusted odds ratio used due to small cell counts. Odds ratio undefined when no disorders are present in one or more groups.

  • Fisher's Exact Test used in place of logistic regression for disorders with low expected cell counts.