Table 3

Reasons That Someone Correctly Diagnosed With Compensation Neurosis Would Not Return to a Comparable Level of Work or Appear to Improve After Injury

Concern about review and possible loss of benefits causes continued stress and symptoms.
Concern about being accused of fraud or malingering.
Is attempting to receive additional benefits or is involved in additional lawsuits.
Does not want to return to (comparable) work.
    Waiting for retirement.
    Low initial job satisfaction; does not need to return to work because of the settlement.
    Concern over return of symptoms that have resolved.
    Unable to get a job because of disability or a known pre-existing condition.
    Does not have to work because of a change in family role or dynamics (e.g., partner is now the primary breadwinner or is working more).
    Obtaining a job will cause loss of disability payments and benefits.
Family likes the change in dynamics and is encouraging a continuation of the status quo.
Freedom to take a lower-paying, lower-stress job after the settlement.