Table 1

Various Names for the Concept of Compensation Neurosis That Have Been Used Over Time

Accident neurosis
Aftermath neurosis
Cogniform disorder
Compensation hysteria
Compensation neurosis
Entitlement neurosis
(Ethnic or national group) neurosis/injury
Fright neurosis
Greenback neurosis
Injury neurosis
Justice neurosis
Litigation neurosis
Postaccident syndrome
Posttraumatic syndrome
Profit neurosis
Railway spine
Secondary gain neurosis
Social iatrogenesis for disease production by well-intended social programs
Syndrome of disproportionate disability
Traumatic hysteria
Traumatic neurasthenia
Traumatic neurosis
Triggered neurosis
Unconscious malingering
Various work groups (usually manual labor) neurosis
Whiplash neurosis
Workman's compensation neurosis