Table 4

Suggested Variables for Firesetting Risk Assessments

Firesetting history
    Age first set fires
    Number of previously set fires
    Frequency of previously set fires
    Duration of firesetting history
    Intensity/quality of previously set fires
    Impulsivity of past firesetting
    Motives for past firesetting
    Psychosocial circumstances precipitating past fires
Psychiatric comorbidities
    Substance use disorders (alcohol)
    Psychotic disorders
    Intellectual impairment/mental retardation
    Personality disorders (ASPD, BPD)
    Mood disorders
    Impulse-control disorders
Current firesetting ideation
    Access to firesetting materials
    Presence/Absence of stressors/circumstances similar to past fires
Personality variables
    Assertiveness impairments
    Overall degree of impulsivity
    Level of insight
Other variables
    Compliance with treatment recommendations
    Current stressors/coping techniques
    Available support system
    Marital status
    Feasibility of plan after discharge