Table 3

GEE Examining Factors Associated With Agreement Between Experts

VariableBSE95% Wald CIWald χ2dfp
Agreement about the presence of mental disorder
    Intercept−4.8071.262−7.281 to −2.33214.4941.000
    Same adversarial side2.157.862.468 to 3.8466.2681.012
    Fatal accident*1.835.9260.20 to 3.6503.9271.048
Agreement about the principal psychiatric diagnosis
    Intercept−.253.4167−1.070 to .564.3681.544
    Same adversarial side.989.447.112 to 1.8654.8821.027
    Fatal accident−.168.424−1.00 to .663.1581.691
  • * A conservative estimate of fatal accidents was calculated by the inclusion of a false positive in the group with no agreement about mental disorder, to prevent having a zero in the denominator.