Table 1

Univariate Analyses With Judges' Decisions as the Dependent Variable, Arranged Roughly From the Strongest Relation to the Weakest

Variableχ2pφOdds RatioLikelihood of Transfer (%)
Evaluator opinion47.83<.0010.5512.2177
Amenability to treatment39.59<.0010.5312.5472.4
Risk to public safety27.20<.001−0.457.6978.4 (low risk)
DJS involvement, two groupings26.27<.001−0.415.8874.3 (no DJS involvement)
History of offenses23.41<.001−0.387.5282.9 (no history)
Emotional maturity6.66<.01−0.344.1867.6 (immature)
Enrolled in school11.04<.0010.262.9463.6
Substance use7.44<.006−0.222.5457.9 (not using)
Age at evaluation4.52<.050.171.9758.5 (younger)
Age at offense3.88<.0500.161.8757.8 (younger)
Gender3.98<.050−0.162.5669.6 (female)
DJS involvement, three groupings29.64<.001NANANA
Employment history3.80<.060.161.9260.3
Children3.66<.06−0.162.2735.7 (with children)
  • The original sample was 200. The number included in the analyses varied from 161 to 58 because various data were missing in the reviewed evaluations.