Table 2

Univariate Analyses With Evaluators' Recommendations as the Dependent Variable, Arranged Roughly From the Strongest Relation to the Weakest

Variableχ2pφOdds RatioLikelihood of Transfer (%)
Amenability to treatment94.19<.0010.82141.5689.7
Risk to public safety58.23<.001−0.6662.5096.1 (low risk)
Emotional maturity30.14<.001−0.7240.0084.8 (immature)
DJS involvement, three groupings50.54<.001NANANA
DJS involvement, two groupings44.33<.001−0.5413.1687.1 (no history)
History of offenses24.61<.001−0.3910.9990.2 (no history)
Enrolled in school16.59<.0010.323.9174
Age at offense16.05<.0010.323.7572.3 (younger)
Substance use8.93<.003−0.242.7565.4 (younger)
Age at evaluation8.48<.0040.232.5768.3 (younger)
  • The original sample was 200. The number included in the analyses varied from 161 to 58 because various data were missing in the reviewed evaluations.