Table 1

Indications for Quetiapine Identified by Chart Review

Principal Listed IndicationIntent to Stop (n = 161)%Intent to Continue (n = 93)%p (Fisher's Exact Test)
Principal listed indication
    Schizoaffective disorder3924.22425.8.88
    Major depressive disorder106.233.2.38
    Posttraumatic stress disorder106.200.0.02*
    Impulse control disorder/IED85.055.4.55
    Psychotic disorder NOS63.777.5.23
    MDD with psychosis63.733.21.00
    Personality disorder53.166.5.33
    Mood disorder NOS42.555.4.29
    No active diagnosis42.500.0.30
    Substance related42.522.21.00
    Anxiety, NOS21.222.2.63
    Generalized anxiety disorder10.600.01.00
    Obsessive compulsive disorder10.600.01.00
    Depressive disorder NOS00.011.1.37
FDA indication (strict)5836.03537.6.89
Non-FDA indication (strict)10364.05862.41.00
Mood or psychotic disorder12477.07782.8.19
No mood or psychotic disorder3723.01617.2.33
  • NOS, not otherwise specified.

  • * p < .05.