Table 2

Anger Outcomes

Anger OutcomeDescriptionExample of Instruments
Anger controlThe extent that an individual attempts to control the outward expression of angerMultidimensional Anger Inventory: anger (Siegel51) State-Trait-Anger Expression-Inventory (STAXI): anger control (Spielberger, et al.18)
Anger expressionOutward expression towards individuals, or objects through physical or verbal behaviorsMultidimensional Anger Inventory: anger out (Siegel51) State-Trait-Anger Expression-Inventory (STAXI): anger out (Spielberger, et al.18)
Anger situationAnger in response to the individual's most intense source of ongoing angerAnger situation rating (Hazaleus and Deffenbacher10)
Anger symptomAnger-related physiological arousalAnger symptom (Hazaleus and Deffenbacher10)
Driving angerAnger provoked while drivingDriving anger scale (Deffenbacher, Oetting and Lynch52) Driving anger expression inventory (Deffenbacher, Lynch, Oetting, Swaim53)
General angerAnger in response to a wide range of potential provocationsAnger inventory (Novaco54Anger log (Deffenbacher and Stark55)
State angerEmotional response that is composed of cognitions of perceived injusticeState-Trait-Anger Expression-Inventory (STAXI): state anger (Spielberger, et al.18)
Trait angerStable and consistent pattern of behavior in responding with feelings of angerState-Trait-Anger Expression-Inventory (STAXI): trait anger (Spielberger, et al.18)