Table 2

Screening Tools for Problematic Internet Use

Aboujaoude et al: proposed diagnostic criteria16
Beard and Wolf: proposed diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction17
SIGNS: Mnemonic for pathologic computer use18
IADQ: Internet Addiction Diagnostic Questionnaire19
CIAS: Internet Addiction Scale20
CIAI: Chinese Internet Addiction Inventory21
OSA-Q: Online Sexual Addiction Questionnaire (OSA-Q)22
OCS: Online Cognition Scale23
CIUS: Compulsive Internet Use Scale24
BTOB: Brief Test of Online Behavior25
PIUQ: Problematic Internet Use Questionnaire26
GPIUS: Generalized Problematic Internet Use Scale27
IRABI: Internet-Related Addictive Behavior Inventory28
IRPS: Internet-Related Problem Scale29