Table 1

Acts of Aggression According to Self-report

Women (n = 22)Men (n = 22)*Pearson χ2χp
Mild violence
    Threw something145(4)
    Twisted hair or arm90(5)
    Pushed or shoved5014(16)
    Any mild violence5918(20)7.77.005
Severe violence
    Used a weapon50(0)
    Slammed into wall00(2)
    Beat up225(4)
    Knocked unconscious00(1)
    Partner felt pain next day235(7)
    Broke bone00(2)
    Partner needed med. attention00(5)
    Any severe violence5514(16)8.19.004
Sexual violence
    Violence or threats0.00.0(1.3)
Psychological aggression
    Called names234(4)
    Called a lousy lover90(3)
    Behaved spitefully3210(8)
    Threatened to throw or hit145(7)
    Stomped out of room4118(24)
    Destroyed something275(7)
    Any psychological9162(65)5.06.02
  • Data are percentage reporting each type of aggression.

  • * Numbers in parentheses indicate the percentage of men from the full sample (n = 75) who endorsed each item.