Table 3

Incarcerated Veterans

Rosenheck et al.1915.7% of male VA mental health patients incarcerated at some point between 1994 and 1997; 39.6% of those age 18–39 years. Incarceration rates highest with young age, substance use, and mental health disorders.
Saxon et al.31Of incarcerated veterans, 87% reported at least one lifetime traumatic event, and 39% screened positive for PTSD. Unemployment and homelessness frequently preceded incarceration. Substantial drug and alcohol use noted.
McGuire et al.32Of the incarcerated veterans, 21% had long-term homelessness, 73% were unemployed. Current drug and alcohol abuse affected 37% and 50%. Psychiatric illness was present in 35%, 23% with dual diagnosis, 15% with mood disorders, 7% with schizophrenia, 6% with PTSD.