Table 3

Exploratory Factor Analysis of Symptom/Criteria Structure for All Traumatized Women

PTSD Symptom and Criteria SetFactor 1IntrusionFactor 2Arousal
C5Detachment and estrangement.596.390
D3Difficulty concentrating.615.348
B4Distress at exposure to symbolic event.598.200
B5Physiological reactivity to symbolic event.595.294
C2Efforts to avoid activities and events.551.198
C1Efforts to avoid thoughts and feelings.527.152
B3Feeling like event is reoccurring.513.199
C4Diminished interest and participation.454.377
B1Keeps thinking about it.398.017
C7Sense of foreshortened future.343.481
B2Distressing dreams of event.305.602
D5Exaggerated startle response.273.558
C3Inability to remember parts of the trauma−.024.519
D1Difficulty falling or staying asleep.434.445
D2Irritability or outbursts of anger.338.408
C6Restricted affect, for example, love.308.416
  • n = 195.