Table 3

Disciplinary Rules Violations Committed by Incarcerated Capital Murderers, Aggregated by Level of Seriousness

Level of DisciplinaryViolationActs, nInmates Involved, %Annual Rate per 1,000
Capital Murderers(n = 73)Federal USP 2001–2005(n = 18,561)
Total violations202 (184)54.8%634.2 (594.3)620.8
Potentially violent infractions*43 (33)27.4%135.0 (106.6)146.9
Assaultive violations14 (8)12.3%44.0 (25.8)53.4
Serious assaults/attempts1 (0)1.4%3.1 (0.0)10.1
Assaults resulting in moderate or major injuries§00.0%0.04.7
  • Data in parentheses reflect findings when an outlying observation is removed.

  • * Potentially violent violations include: threatening bodily harm, possession of a weapon, inciting to riot, escape-related misconduct or escape attempt, mutual fighting, minor assaults (including either creating apprehension of harm or resulting in actual physical contact), and serious assaults or attempted serious assaults.

  • Assaultive violations include: minor assaults, attempted serious assaults, and serious assaults.

  • Moderate injury results in admission to a hospital with a non-life threatening injury.

  • § Major injury results in admission to a hospital with life-threatening injury.