Table 2

Histories of Domestic Violence in IPH Perpetrators

StudySampleDatabaseDomestic Violence (%)
Barnard et al.22Pretrial defendants charged with IPH N = 23Psychiatric evaluation; perpetrator self-report and records when available21.7
Stout20Incarcerated IPH perpetrators; N = 23Perpetrator self-report25
Campbell et al.7Female IPH victims N = 220Proxy informants for victim reporting perpetrator arrest25.6
Bourget et al.8Older adult (65+) victims in IPH - suicides N = 27Coroner files29
Belfrage and Rying26Forensic psychiatric N = 164All materials from police investigation36
Liem and Koenraadt21Forensic psychiatric N = 380Archival forensic psychiatric evaluations48
Bourget and Gagné16Female IPH victims N = 116*Coroner files52.6
McFarlane et al.5IPH victims N = 141Proxy informants for victim67
Dutton and Kerry30Incarcerated and convicted IPH perpetrators N = 90Interview and institutional records66.7
Campbell42IPH victims N = 28Archival records68
Moracco et al.43Femicide victims N = 586Medical examiner records & law enforcement interviews76.5
  • * Of the 234 male perpetrators of IPH, determinations regarding history of domestic violence were available for only 116. Data reported here are based only on cases in which status of prior domestic violence was known.