Table 3

Group Differences on the Fp Scale

ItemItem ThemeDID Group Endorsement DirectionDID Group Endorsement (%)Coached Group Endorsement (%)Uncoached Group Endorsement (%)DID vs. CDID vs. UNC vs. UN
51Unwilling to admit to normal flawsLeastDID: 3.8C: 19.5UN: 43.36.81*0.1624.11*0.059.57*3.15
66Lack of regard for laws/enforcementLeastDID: 1.9C: 28.9UN: 49.315.61*21.1932.70*50.476.20*0.42
93Unwilling to admit to normal flawsLeastDID: 1.9C: 13.0UN: 25.44.9912.80*0.063.61
114Antisocial urgesLeastDID: 9.4C: 41.6UN: 50.715.91*6.8323.02*9.891.22
126Rejection of laws/enforcementLeastDID: 3.8C: 16.9UN: 53.75.2934.13*0.0321.67*5.72
162Delusions of persecutionLeastDID: 1.9C: 29.9UN: 41.816.33*22.1525.71*37.332.23
193Magical thinking and behaviorLeastDID: 9.4C: 41.6UN: 58.215.91*6.8330.32*13.373.97
216Delusions of persecutionLeastDID: 5.7C: 29.9UN: 52.211.50*7.1029.67*18.237.45*0.39
228Delusions of persecutionLeastDID: 7.5C: 37.7UN: 64.215.03*7.4039.83*21.9510.08*0.34
270Sadism towards animalsLeastDID: 7.5C: 19.5UN: 38.83.5815.42*7.776.57*0.38
282Sleep abnormalitiesMostDID: 22.6C: 75.3UN: 64.235.06*10.4320.57*6.122.13
291Lack of romantic loveMostDID: 18.9C: 57.1UN: 41.818.94*5.737.19*3.093.38
294Physiological activationMostDID: 13.2C: 32.5UN: 47.86.28*3.1616.11*6.013.50
322Fear of dangerous objectsMostDID: 30.2C: 61.0UN: 40.911.96*3.621.465.80
323Sadistic towards loved onesLeastDID: 1.9C: 29.9UN: 47.016.33*22.1530.39*46.064.42
336Mind controlMostDID: 13.7C: 42.1UN: 64.611.55*4.5730.33*11.487.12*0.40
387Possible alcohol abuseLeastDID: 7.5C: 38.2UN: 43.915.37*7.5619.43*9.600.49
478Hatred of familyLeastDID: 9.4C: 40.3UN: 40.914.90*6.4714.81*6.650.01
501Viewing others as unable to helpLeastDID: 5.7C: 53.9UN: 51.532.39*0.05128.85*0.060.08
555Fearful at homeMostDID: 20.8C: 70.1UN: 57.630.61*8.9616.45*5.182.44
  • DID group (n = 53); coached group (C; n = 77); uncoached group (UN; n = 67). Least indicates that the item was 1 of the top 10 least endorsed items by the DID group in that particular scale. Most indicates that the item was 1 of the top 10 most endorsed items by the DID group in that particular scale.

  • * p < .015 (α was adjusted using false discovery rate procedure).