Table 1

Summary of Cases

CaseYear of MurderDefendant Cult Leader or MemberNGRI Defense RaisedNGRI Defense SuccessfulDiagnoses
People v. Manson91969BothNoN/A
Nebraska v. Michael Ryan101985LeaderYesNoParanoid schizophrenia
Nebraska v. Dennis Ryan11131985MemberYesNoDependent personality disorder, shared paranoia, and shared psychotic disorder
Ohio v. Lundgren15,161989LeaderNoN/AMixed personality disorder with features of narcissism, paranoia, and antisocial traits, a severe character disorder, delusional disorder, mixed type (with grandiose and persecutory themes), and psychotic disorder not otherwise specified
Ohio v. Luff18,191989MemberYesNo
People v. Vieira201990MemberNoN/A
Washington v. Applin211997MemberYesNo
Commonwealth v. Robidoux22,231999MemberNoN/A