Table 4

Binary Logistic Regression Predicting Recidivism, Final Model With All Predictorsa

Recidivism Within 6 Months
Odds Ratio95% Confidence Intervalp
Treatment (60 days)3.042.37–3.90≤.001
Black (vs. white)1.291.04–1.60.02
Alcohol/drug use1.101.05–1.16≤.001
Traumatic experiences0.880.82–0.95≤.001
Somatic complaints0.940.88–1.00.04
Eliminated predictorsb
    Male (vs. female)1.00.78–1.29.99
    Thought disturbances0.970.86–1.08.53
Suicidal ideation0.980.90–1.07.66
  • Male is the referent category for gender. Black is the reference category for race.

  • a Calculated for each individual at first detention during the study period (N = 1,455 participants).

  • b Values for eliminated predictors based on last step before they were eliminated from the model.