Table 1

Criteria for Marital Consent

Legislative CodeAge of consent (Marriages Under 16 years not Allowed)ConsentLack of Capacity
Government of Barbados218 years (widow, widower or divorcee can marry without consent)Must have consent from either parent/guardian if 16 to ≤18 yearsConsent not real because: consent obtained by duress or fraud; mistaken identity of other person or nature of ceremony; mentally incapable of understanding nature/effect of ceremony
Government of Guyana318 years, (widower/widow can marry without consent)If 16 to ≤18 years, consent of parent/guardian/Judge; if under 16 years and pregnant-petition from court for permission to marry
Government of Jamaica418 years, (widower/widow can marry without consent)If 16 to ≤18 years, permission is needed from father, lawful guardian, unmarried mother in descending hierarchy or judge on the Supreme Court
Government of Trinidad and Tobago518 yearsIf under age of 18 years, parents/legal guardian, judge on the High Court