Table 3

Correlations of BAC to Intoxication

BAC %Intoxication
0.01–0.05Only slight physiological impairment
0.05–0.07Euphoria, increased self-confidence, impairment of reaction responses
0.07–0.10Impairment of reaction sponsors, attention, visual acuity, and judgement; individual may appear sober
0.10–0.20Increased impairment of a sensory motor activity. Reaction times, attention, visual acuity, and judgment progress to increase in drowsiness, disorientation, and emotional lability
0.20–0.30Staggering, drunk, lethargic, sleepy or hostile, and aggressive
0.30–0.40Unconscious or in a stupor
+0.40Coma and possible death
  • Adapted from Rao KN. Forensic Toxicology Medico-Legal Case Studies. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2012.