Table 2

Supervision Survey Results

Survey ItemFrequency%
Formal written therapy policies and procedures
    Residents required to inform patients that they are under supervision5687.5
    Clear supervision guidelines available5078.1
    Established protocol for emergency supervision when supervisor is unavailable4773.4
    Policy in place that lays out appropriate resident conduct in therapy2133
    Established protocol in place for supervisor–resident boundaries1726.6
    Residents required to inform patients in writing that they are under supervision1523.4
    Require documentation of receipt of training guidelines1117.2
    Require documentation that supervisors understand expectations in terms of conduct57.8
    Require documentation that residents understand expectations in terms of conduct34.7
    Provide written material to patients regarding boundary expectations57.8
Supervision structure
    Supervision schedules are generally adhered to5382.8
    Regular supervision hours established5078.1
    Supervision sessions documented2742.2
    Supervisors routinely review chart documentation2335.9
    Supervisors assess resident competency before providing therapy with increased risk2031.3
Institutional policies and procedures
    Institution's malpractice insurance covers liability for employed supervisors4875.0
    Protocol in place should a patient need treatment from a more experienced clinician in case of emergency4773.4
    Program uses therapy supervisors as the supervisor of record4771.9
    Credentialing process for nonemployed supervisors3351.6
    Billing issued in the supervisors' name2742.2
    Program directors are required to make supervisors aware of concerns about a particular resident2640.6
    Outside therapy supervisors must provide evidence of malpractice that covers therapy supervision1421.9
    Program provides an assessment of resident competency before providing high-risk therapy (hypnosis, Amytal interview)1320.3
    Institution's malpractice insurance covers liability for nonemployed supervisors1218.8
Knowledge of a law suit against a supervisor at the institution00