Table 3

Means and Comparisons of HCR-20V3 Items and Scale Scores by Evaluator Opinion Status

Scale and ItemTransfer (n = 57) MRetain (n = 83) MpCohen's d
    H1. Violence1.982.000.321.43
    H2. Other antisocial behavior0.911.160.120.28
    H3. Relationships1.651.810.090.31
    H4. Employment1.041.34<0.050.44
    H5. Substance abuse1.441.640.150.25
    H6. Major mental illness1.951.940.88-0.04
    H7. Personality disorder1.141.240.500.12
    H8. Traumatic experiences1.491.640.200.23
    H9. Violent attitudes0.570.86<0.050.37
    H10. Treatment or supervision response1.661.810.140.28
    Historical Total13.7015.37<0.010.57
    C1. Insight0.651.72<.0011.70
    C2. Violent ideation or intent0.040.42<.0010.74
    C3. Symptoms of major mental disorder0.591.37<.0011.09
    C4. Instability0.341.02<.0010.94
    C5. Treatment or supervision response0.341.42<.0011.76
    Clinical Total1.955.96<.0011.90
Risk Management
    R1. Professional services and plans0.491.65<.0011.87
    R2. Living situations1.021.80<.0011.28
    R3. Personal support0.981.63<.0010.98
    R4. Treatment or supervision response0.841.72<.0011.68
    R5. Stress and coping0.931.73<.0011.45
    Risk Management Total4.258.53<.0011.97