Table 1

Demographic, Clinical, and Criminal Variables of Patients

Demographic variables
        Not reported42.9
    Marital status
        Never married9668.6
        Not reported21.4
    Years of education
        Did not graduate/obtain GED6244.1
        Graduated high school/obtained GED6725.7
        Completed some college1712.1
        Completed 4-years of college75.0
        Attended graduate school42.8
        Not reported140.8
Clinical variables at the time of coded evaluation
    Psychotic disorder9970.8
    Mood disorder2216.1
    Other disorder139.4
Criminal history and NGRI variables
    At least one prior arrest9467.1
    NGRI offense charge
        Attempted murder/attempted manslaughter3525.0
        Aggravated assault or other assault2014.3
        Other crimes2115.0
    Recommitted patients3726.4
  • N = 140.