Table 2

Inter-Rater Reliability for Items and Scales of the HCR-20V3

Scale and ItemICC95% CI
Historical (N = 74 paired ratings)
    H1. Violence1.001.00–1.00
    H2. Other antisocial behavior0.85**0.77–0.91
    H3. Relationships0.52*0.23–0.70
    H4. Employment0.59**0.34–0.74
    H5. Substance abuse0.95**0.91–0.97
    H6. Major mental illness0.83**0.73–0.89
    H7. Personality disorder0.92**0.88–0.95
    H8. Traumatic experiences0.80**0.69–0.88
    H9. Violent attitudes0.50*0.21–0.69
    H10. Treatment or supervision response0.81**0.69–0.88
    Historical Total0.87**0.79–0.92
Clinical (N = 74 paired ratings)
    C1. Insight0.92**0.88–0.95
    C2. Violent ideation or intent0.62**0.40–0.76
    C3. Symptoms of major mental disorder0.86**0.78–0.91
    C4. Instability0.79**0.67–0.87
    C5. Treatment or supervision response0.84**0.75–0.90
    Clinical Total0.88**0.81–0.92
Risk Management (N = 74 paired ratings)
    R1. Professional services and plans0.76**0.61–0.85
    R2. Living situations0.60**0.36–0.75
    R3. Personal support0.74**0.59–0.84
    R4. Treatment or supervision response0.79**0.66–0.87
    R5. Stress and coping0.62**0.39–0.76
    Risk Management Total0.87**0.79–0.92