Table 1

State Relief From Disabilities Programs

State*Relief ProgramMeets Federal Criteria
AlabamaYes (AL ST § 22-52-10.8)Yes
AlaskaYes (AK ST § 47.30.851)Yes
(no mental health prohibition)
ArizonaYes (AZ ST § 13-925)Yes
CaliforniaYes (CA ST Wel&Inst § 8103)No
ColoradoYes (CO ST § 13-9-124)Yes
ConnecticutYes (CT ST § 45a-100)No
(previously had approved program)
DelawareYes (DE ST 11 § 1448A)Yes
Dist. of Col.NoN/A
FloridaYes (FL ST § 790.065)Yes
GeorgiaYes (GA ST § 16-11-129)No
HawaiiYes (HI ST § 134-6.5)Yes
IdahoYes (ID ST § 66-356)Yes
IllinoisYes (IL ST 430 § 65/10)Yes
IndianaYes (IN ST § 33-23-15-2)Yes
IowaYes (IA ST § 724.31)Yes
KansasYes (KS ST § 75-7c27)Yes
KentuckyYes (KY ST § 237.108)Yes
(no mental health prohibition)
LouisianaYes (LA ST § 28:57)Yes
MaineYes (ME ST 15 § 393)No
MarylandYes (MD ST Pub Saf § 5-133.3)Yes
MassachusettsYes (MA ST 123 § 36C)Yes
MinnesotaYes (MN ST § 624.713)No
MississippiYes (MS ST § 97-37-5)No
MissouriYes (MO ST § 571.092)Yes
NebraskaYes (NE ST § 71-963)Yes
NevadaYes (NV ST § 179A.163)Yes
New HampshireNoN/A
(no mental health prohibition)
New JerseyYes (NJ ST § 30:4-80.8,9,10)Yes
New MexicoNoN/A
New YorkYes (NY ST Ment.Hyg. § 7.09; NY ADC 14 NYCRR 543.5)Yes
North CarolinaYes (NC ST § 14-409.42)Yes
North DakotaYes (ND ST § 62.1-02-01.2)Yes
OhioYes (OH ST § 2923.14)No
OklahomaYes (21 OK ST § 1290.27)Yes
OregonYes (OR ST § 166.274; OR ADC §859-300-0050)Yes
PennsylvaniaYes (18 PA ST § 6105)No
Rhode IslandYes (RI ST § 11-47-63)No
South CarolinaYes (SC ST § 23-31-1030)Yes
South DakotaYes (SD ST § 23-7-49)No
TennesseeYes (TN ST § 16-10-205)Yes
TexasYes (TX ST Health&Saf §574.088)Yes
UtahYes (UT ST § 76-10-532)Yes
VermontYes (VT ST 13 § 4825)No
(no mental health prohibition)
VirginiaYes (VA ST § 18.2-308.1:3)Yes
WashingtonYes (WA ST § 9.41.047)No
West VirginiaYes (WV ST § 61-7A-5)Yes
WisconsinYes (WI ST § 941.29)Yes
  • This chart is accurate as of June 2017.

  • * Unless otherwise indicated, the state has specific mental health firearms prohibitions. States without prohibitions may still have an RFD program to provide citizens relief from disabilities under federal law.