Table 3

Odds Ratios (95% CI) for Reported Crimes for Youth With ASD Symptomatology Compared to Youth with No Lifetime DSM-IV Diagnosis

Property Crime, Theft, BurglaryViolent CrimeAny Other Crime
Arrested*8.31 (2.45–28.19)25.42 (5.34–121.05)17.91 (7.63–42.07)
Not arrested11.64 (5.50–24.64)24.24 (7.38–79.64)10.89 (5.15–23.03)
  • Note: Estimates are weighted to account for survey design. The estimates were also adjusted for income, race/ethnicity, age, and gender. Acute stress disorder (ASD) is representative of lifetime symptomatology associated with ASD as established in the DSM-5, with the exception of negative mood. For all odds ratios, adjusted p values ≤ .01.

  • * Based on entire sample of youth (n = 10,148).

  • Based on a subsample of youth who reported never being arrested (n = 9,397).