Table 1

Neurocognitive Tests and Domains Assessed

Domain of FunctioningTest
CognitionWechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Fourth Ed. (WAIS-IV)
    VerbalCalifornia Verbal Learning Test, Third Ed. (CVLT-III)
    VisualRey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trail (RCFT)
AttentionGordon Diagnostic System: Vigilance and Distractibility (GDS)
Executive functionWisconsin Card Sorting Test, Fourth Ed. (WCST-IV)
Stroop Color-Word Switching Test (Stroop C-W)
LanguagePeabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fourth Ed. (PPVT-IV)
Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Ed. (EVT-II)
    Speed and controlFinger Tapping Test (FTT)
    DexterityGrooved Pegboard Test (GPT)
    Grip strengthHand Dynamometer Test (HDT)
Adaptive functionAdaptive Behavior Assessment System, Second Ed. (ABAS-II)
AcademicsWide Range Achievement Test (WRAT)