Table 1

Data from Studies That Reported the Percentage of Participants Diagnosed with Psychosis Among Individuals who Committed Sexual Murders

Study (By order of % diagnosed with psychosis)Diagnosis of Psychosis (%)Sample Size (n/N)aSampling MethodSample SourceInformation Source
Langevin et al.38 (2003)27.3%9/33ConvenienceCases referred to the Clarke Institute of PsychiatrybStandard tests and interviews
Revitch45 (1965)20.9%9/43ConveniencePrimarily from the New Jersey Diagnostic CentercNot stated
Firestone et al.44 (1998)14.6%7/48ConvenienceCases from the Sexual Behaviors Clinic, Royal Ottawa HospitalStandard tests and interviews
Warren et al.36 (1996)5.0%1/20Population-basedFBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent CrimeMultiple sources, including police investigation reports, psychiatric reports, and interviews with the offender
Hill et al.46 (2007)3.0%5/166ConvenienceReports by forensic psychiatrists in GermanyAssessments by forensic psychiatrists
Oliver et al.49 (2007)2.3%1/44ConvenienceSex offender treatment programs in prisonsInterviews and file reviews
Folino37 (2000)0%0/16Population-basedFiles from the Judiciary Department of La Plata, ArgentinaFile reviews
Rosman & Resnick50 (1989)0%0/16ConvenienceAvailable literature and unpublished clinical casesCase reviews
  • a n = number of individuals diagnosed with psychosis and N = number of individuals who committed sexual homicides.

  • b Former name.

  • c Source(s) not stated for the other cases.