Table 3

Subgroup Analysis of Correlations Between Indifference and Vicarious Trauma Scores

Spearman Coefficient for the Correlation Between TABS and Indifference ScoresP
Length of forensic expertise
    > 10.5 y.32.08
    ≤ 10.5 y.43.02
Previous psychotherapy
Psychotherapy expertise
Time between forensic evaluation and study participation
    > 4.5 months.35.06
    ≤ 4.5 months.14.47
  • n = 56 participants.

  • Indifference was evaluated with the Assessment of Countertransference Scale (ACS); vicarious trauma was evaluated with the Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale (TABS). The Spearman correlation coefficient is demonstrated in the table. The strength of correlation is classified as follows: .0–.19 = very weak; .20–39 = weak; .40–.59 = moderate; .60–.79 = strong; .8–1.0 = very strong.