Table 3

Rearrest by Diagnosis

DiagnosisRearrest, %Number of Rearrests, Mean (SD)
Substance abuse indication and placement on MHSNR55.201.47 (2.09)
Substance abuse indication no MHSNR58.461.52 (2.08)
Substance abuse total56.831.50 (2.09)
No substance abuse indication and no MHSNR48.721.13 (1.77)
MHSNR and no substance abuse indication42.580.92 (1.48)
No substance abuse total45.051.00 (1.62)
Prescription of antipsychotic meds upon release50.411.39 (2.28)
Prescription of injectable antipsychotic meds upon release44.441.58 (2.43)
Receiving involuntary medication in prison upon release46.881.19 (1.58)
Psychotic disorder48.651.29 (2.18)
Mood disorder55.471.43 (1.88)
  • MHSNR, Mental Health Special Needs Roster.