Table 2

Summary of the Mandates or Laws Applicable to Therapeutically Used Animals and the Rights Under Each Law

Disability-Related Assistance AnimalsTherapy AnimalsPets
Service AnimalsaEmotional Support Animals
Animal speciesDogs and miniature horses onlyAnyAnyAny
Main applicable mandates and lawsADAbFHA, ACAA, state and local lawsState and local laws, institutional regulationsState and local laws and codes
Owner has a right to:
 Bring animal into all public establishmentsYescNoNoNo
 Live with animal, even if “no pet” policy in placeYesYesNoNo
 Bring animal on airline flightsYesYescNoNo
Permitted in medical settingsYescNoYescNo
Requires training for specific disability-related tasksYesNoMaybedNo
Used by single individual for supportYesYesNoMaybed
Primary function is emotional supportNoYesMaybedNo
Owner may be asked to disclose related disabilityNoYesYesNo
Requires gentle temperament, behaviorYesYesYesNo
  • a Includes psychiatric service animals.

  • b According to the ADA definition; the FHA and ACAA imply broader definitions.

  • c Statutes and regulations impose some restrictions on access.

  • d May apply but is not required.

  • ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • FHA: Fair Housing Act.

  • ACAA: Air Carrier Access Act.