Table 6

Timetable for Stages of Involuntary Medication Proceedingsa

Row LabelSubgroupCases, nbAdmission to ProbateProbate to DispositionAdmission to DispositionAdmission to HCG HearingProbate to HCG HearingHCG Hearing to DispositionFirst to Second Probate Hearing
AAll SLC applications1774384140
BSLC granted1604384139
CSLC denied164486159
ESLC restored1183977123
FSLC granted, not restored4249137194
GApplied HCG645144209
HApplied HCG, granted33618622214810185
IApplied HCG, granted, restored23626430020917391
JApplied HCG, granted, not restored1881011891486041
KApplied HCG, denied213972212
LApplied HCG, no decision153164218
MDid not apply HCG104444106
NSecond SLC application, restored24472116116
ONo second SLC application8364487
PNo second SLC application, restored7334172
QNo second SLC application, not restored1122158280
  • a Timetable given in median days rounded to whole numbers.

  • b For subgroups with two members, mean values are noted. For subgroups with one member, the values for the individual are noted.

  • HCG, health care guardian; SLC, special limited conservator.